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Jazz musician, piano, teacher

CD presentation Adrian Frey Trio

"The Nearness of Dreams"

Saturday, May 4th 2024   17:00            
Adrian Frey Solo

Gallery Daniel Bütler, Vernissage

Villa Grunholzer, Florastrasse 18, 8610 Uster


Sunday June 9th 2024  18:00            
Adrian Frey Trio

Atelier Gianfranco Bernasconi (public audience)

Friesenberghalde 10, 8055 Zürich


As the album title "The Nearness Of Dreams" suggests, a world of dreams and utopias is opened up. Each musician of the Adrian Frey Trio plays his part and creates a space next to it for the other two players. This is how lyrical melodies, atmospheric textures and filigree trio grooves are created.

Performances in clubs or at events

If you, as a jazz club, hotel, theater or other music location, are interested in a performance by my formations, or if you are planning a larger event, please inquire. We are interested in additional concerts.

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