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Adrian Frey has been performing with a large number of well-known international and Swiss musicians in various formations, from duos to big band formations, for many years.


At the moment he mainly plays with his own formations; in the Adrian Frey Trio, the quintet Dreams Abroad, Limetree and with the group Sonic Calligraphy, with whom he has made several tours in the USA and China.

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01 Adrian Frey Trio     about the trio >

Adrian Frey can tell stories with the piano. Tony Renold's dynamic grooves and melodic playing, perfectly complemented by Partrick Sommer's warm double bass sound and his extraordinary sense of swing and time,  the three create a current trio sound, in connection with the jazz piano trio tradition, but from today and now.

In 2004 the trio teamed up with a chamber orchestra for a larger project. Adrian Frey's composition "Objects & Moments" for jazz trio and string orchestra was performed in a series of concerts in various places in Switzerland.

02 Quintet Dreams Abroad

The dynamic jazz quintet plays complex and at the same time melodically accessible compositions by Adrian Frey. Each of the five musicians knows how to add highlights to the songs as a soloist, supported by a round, polyrhythmic swing feeling. The great experience of the rhythm section with Pius Baschnagel on drums and Patrick Sommer on bass in combination with Felix Utzinger's guitar and Adrian Frey's piano creates surprising sound combinations and soundscapes. Daniel Schenker comes along with his extraordinary trumpet and flugelhorn playing.

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03 Sonic Calligraphy

The music of this group effortlessly bridges countries and seas, sometimes it sounds Eastern, sometimes familiarly European, sometimes playfully Southern, sometimes jazzy American. And all these idioms merge into a sonic calligraphy with musical letters and symbols.

Peggy Chew and Adrian Frey have been performing together since 2002. Since then they have played concerts and tours in many different formations with guest musicians from Switzerland, the USA and China.

04 Limetree

Adrian Frey and Tony Renold met forty years ago. They lived together at the Lindhof in Windisch for seven years. The love of jazz brought them together and still unites them today. "Limetree" stands, so to speak, as a symbol for this long and deep friendship as well as for their music of contemplative dialogue.

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