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"Swiss jazz pianist Adrian Frey falls into the category of "exceptional musicians." His efforts to broaden horizons and his struggle for absolute musical individuality provide the listener with unlimited adventures....

The current CD is symptomatic for Adrian Frey: He meditates e.g. jazzy after poems of the Honkong poet Leung Ping-kwan or improvises after songs from the 13th or 16th century.

On bass we hear the ingenious Patrick Sommer, who also plucks himself into the foreground again and again with remarkable solos.....

Jazz in the Frey style has never been heard before; promised."


Concerto (Oesterreich), 3/2015


" ....So the listener comes here into the pleasure of atmospherically dense interpretations, which give themselves thereby on the one hand reflective and on the other hand experimental and balance both wonderfully."

Jazz’n’More, Juli 2015



"... convince on their release "Microcosmos" with a palette of different sounds and influences...It all seems like from one cast."


Jazzpodium  (Deutschland), 2015



"This trio has succeeded in producing an enormously varied CD with "No Flags". In nine original pieces and one standard arrangement, Frey juggles very different influences, making it clear that his trio has not one, but many strengths."


Aargauer Zeitung,  2010



"Adrian Frey belongs in the carpet tier of jazz pianists in this country, proven by his outstanding playing on this CD."         


****Jazz’n’More (Schweiz), Juli/August 2010 



"... One would have liked to listen to the trio even longer..."


Jazzpodium  (Deutschland), 2010



"Verdict: A wonderful CD..."      


*****Jazz’n’More (Schweiz), April/Mai 2001


“...Tout ceci donne de la belle musique...   bourré de talent, pour notre plaisir.”   


****  Jazzman (France),  juillet-août 2001   séléction les 25 meilleures disques du mois


".... European modern jazz at its finest."   


Neue Zürcher Zeitung,  Februar 2001


"Frey is a pianist whose style meshes Bill Evans'  complex harmonic palette with Chick Corea's driving, agressive pre-Circle style...“


Cadence Magazine (USA),  1996


“Le pianiste Adrian Frey dirige un trio qui mérite notre attention: beau toucher, belles harmonies, cohésion du swing et musicalité de l’ensemble.” 


Jazz Magazine (France), octobre 2001


“Ils sont trois, dans un trio classique piano-bass-batterie, à jouer un jazz mainstream d’aujourd’hui, très intelligent, très fin, très élégant ....pianiste Adrian Frey, qui sait faire chanter un clavier et lui faire dire des choses. C’est très mélodique davantage de culture européenne que sorti du blues profond, mais fort intéressant. Qui plus est, c’est beau. Affaire à suivre.”  


Jazz Hot (France ), séptembre 2001

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