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März 2022

As the album title "The Nearness Of Dreams" suggests, a world of dreams and utopias is opened up. Each musician of the Adrian Frey Trio plays his part and creates a space next to it for the other two players. This is how lyrical melodies, atmospheric textures and filigree trio grooves are created.

The Adrian Frey Trio has existed in this line-up since 2008.

"The Nearness Of Dreams" is the third CD production, after "no flags" (2010) and "Microcosmos" (2015), both also on unit records.

The program consists of the pianist's own compositions, plus a piece by Robert Schumann.

For the two-day recording session in July 2021, a lot of things were deliberately left open so that improvisation could be given a lot of space. This way of playing also corresponds to our credo of playing together, in which the focus is on musical dialogue and interaction. This is how the chamber music versions came about as snapshots.

A unique trio sound world is created from the experiences and influences of the three musicians. It is based on a common understanding of the jazz of the Afro-American tradition. With personal characteristics and focal points, we create a type of music that is up-to-date for us and hopefully for the audience as well.

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