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„Pianist Adrian Frey knows how to make a piano sing and tell stories with it.“ (Jazz Hot, France)

If you add to this Tony Renold’s dynamic grooves and his melodic inventions and Patrick Sommer’s warm bass sound and his extraordinary sense for swing and time, the result is a new, individual trio sound, in connection with the jazz piano trio tradition, but in the here and now.

About Us

Adrian Frey, p

The pianist and composer Adrian Frey is a musician with a wide range of activities, ranging from jazz to Latin American to Latin American
for experimental music.
After first musical experiences with jazz and improvisation in the family, he played at the Zurich Jazz Festival at the age of 19.
He received his training at the Zurich Conservatory and at the New England Conservatory in Boston, USA (Ran Blake, George Russell, Bob Moses, Stanley Cowell and others).
He performs with his own formations, in trios, quintets and septets, and with the group Sonic Calligraphy, with whom he has made several tours in the USA and China. In addition, Adrian Frey has been playing in performances ranging from solo piano to big band concerts for many years.

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Tony Renold-72dpi-1200.jpg
Tony Renold, Dr

Tony Renold can be counted among the so-called "Musician's Musicians". Because although the Aargau jazz drummer is one of the most important representatives of his field nationwide, it is primarily the fellow musicians who rave about his skills and his musicality. Anyone who knows Renold in his band can rely on a technically highly versed and always punctual and precise rhythm player. Even more: As a sensitive percussionist, Renold knows how to empathetically draw the fever curve of expressivity. Sometimes he reduces his accompaniment to a few, sure impulses; then, in turn, he draws soloists into a relaxed dialogue with clever drumming ideas.

In this way, Renold has proven itself in national and international formations including Daniel Schnyder, Christoph Baumann, Christoph Merki and Adrian Frey; In addition, Renold sometimes presents himself as a stylish band leader, as can be heard on his new album "Places".  

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Patrick Sommer-72dpi-1200.jpg
Patrick Sommer, b

Patrick studied electric bass and double bass at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern and in Los Angeles. Patrick works as a bass player in various Swiss bands.  His playing is characterized by a warm and full sound, his feeling for groove, his joy of interaction and his broad stylistic and instrumental spectrum. His band portfolio and his discography are correspondingly large. He lives and works in Zurich as a freelance musician and has a busy concert schedule in Switzerland and abroad (with Klaus König, Max Lässer's Überlandorchester, Martin Lechner, Marianne Racine, Pius Baschnagel, Zurich Jazz Orchestra and many others).

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Nächste Auftritte

We present the new CD on the following and other dates:

Friday, 04.03.      8:30 p.m       jazz club,  uster

Tuesday 12.04.      6:00 p.m        Farewell Factory, Zurich

Thursday, April 28th  8:30 p.m        La Marotte, Affoltern a. A

Further concert dates can be found here.

New Release 03/2022

CD The Nearness of Dreams

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